Fake Starbucks Starbucks Coffee Gift Card advertised to Facebook users

It seems that there a week can not pass by without a fake gift card scam showing up on Facebook. And scammers appeal to users advertising freebies from the most popular companies that are out there. Let’s face it, it isn’t ‘good business’ for scammer if the targeted users have to google the name of the company that is ‘offering’ the fake offer.

And of all things they could attract users with, scammers like to employ the gift card because most companies use it for clients and this makes it easier for the creator of the scam to change the name of the company in the scam and use it again. And this is why we see identical Facebook scams offering nonexistent gifts to a dozen of different companies.

This time it is Starbucks the one trying to unwillingly help the scammers reach their goals. Keeping this scam under observation for about 1 hour I saw that it used a handful of domain names so do not take into consideration the one that you will see below.

The user shared the link of the scam because that was the first step that she/he had to take in order to receive the free gift card, as you will see on the page with the scam instructions.

The second step one has to take is place a comment on the page with the text that is indicated there. By doing this, the user will place again the scam link on Facebook, along with the comment which is seen as a status by Facebook friends.

By using texts such as ‘Thank you!’, ‘Starbucks is the best!’, ‘Free coffee!’ or ‘I Love Starbucks!’ scammers try to give the post update a more friendly touch and increase the number of fooled users.

After performing the 2 steps, the page displays a text informing the user that he/she will be directed to the free gift card. Fortunately for the users that have reached this stage, the page that appears is empty and nothing happens. It appears that the scammers made a mistake and the target website is not in place, but from the url of it I would say it is a scam survey. As we have seen over and over again. And will most likely see again in the future.

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