‘Facebook will donate 1$ per share’ is just another hoax

Last week the website Hoax-slayer reported a hoax that featured the picture of a baby and the text ‘Facebook will donate $1 for every share‘ (you can read it here). These days I have seen a new variant of the hoax having the same features.

1. The picture of a sick or ill baby.

While this is a real photo, I am sure this is not what it was intended for. Actually, using this photo is downright shameful and disrespectful by the person that started this hoax.

2. The ‘Facebook will donate 1$ for every share’ text.

While of the text reported by Hoax-slayer included a so-called reason for the donation (‘He is terribly sick :(‘) this photo does not include any. Nor does it include any reason for the donation, the recipient of it, or any info at all. While I am sure Facebook and its CEO make donations, this is not one of them.

As you can notice above in my example, this one photo managed to gather more than 28k Likes and 25k Shares in a couple of days. Looking at the person that uploaded the photo I found out it is an unofficial Facebook Page of a known football player. The fact that the uploading Page has almost 100k Likes and that around 50 people are falsely tagged in it explains the fast spreading pace.

Liking or Sharing the photo will only help circulate the hoax even more. If you see this photo in your Facebook News Feed you should either ask the owner to take it down or Report it (to do that click on it, select ‘Report this photo’, then select ‘Spam or scam’ and finally hit ”Submit’). Once the photo has enough reports it will be taken down by Facebook.

Stay socially safe and do not forget to visit our Facebook page available here or our Twitter account here (@scamwiki).


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