$1000 JCPenney Gift Card – Facebook Scam

Scam text:


$1000 JCPenney Gift Card | Welcome
Get a $1000 JCPenney Gift Card, check if you would qualify.
Scam post:

First sighting:
February 2012
Type of scam:
Survey scam
Scam process:
Clicking on the post link directs the user to a Facebook Page which has dual functionality. First of all, it directs the users to the survey website. Secondly, as the user ‘Likes’ the Facebook Page in order to receive the advertised Gift Card, all posts from that Page will reach his/her wall and future scams will have a starting user-base.

One the clicks are performed on this Facebook Page, the road takes the user to a website which is the beginning of the scam survey.
There are a couple of warm-up questions which end with yet another request that the user must complete in order to obtain the free $1,000 JC Penny gift card. This is the part where the user has to spread the scam to other Facebook users.

Hitting ‘Ok’ will open the Facebook Share pop-up which contains the initial post from this blog entry. Moving forward with the survey, the user is asked to hand over personal info, under the pretext that they are necessary for the delivery of the reward. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, this is just a clever method to get an email address and cell phone number to send additional advertisements to.

Right when the user might think that he/she will finally receive the desired free gift card reality hits! The website clearly states that before qualifying for the ‘free’ $1,000 JC Penny Gift Card the user must complete at least 2 reward offers from the website.

Qualify for the gift card! And not certainly – without any doubt – for sure receive it. This is why I call these type of promotions survey scams. Because it all starts with a free item and then it is not so free.
Stay socially safe and do not forget to visit our Facebook page available here or our Twitter account here (@scamwiki).
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