McDonalds Free Vouchers ( Limited Offer ) – Facebook Scam

Scam text:

McDonalds Free Vouchers ( Limited Offer )

Scam post:

First sighting:

February 2012

Scam type:

Survey Scam

Scam process:

It all starts with a friend inviting you to a Facebook Event which promises ‘McDonalds Free Vouchers’, which is of course a ‘Limited Offer only’. If you decide to check out the Event you will find instructions on how to get the free prize and the voucher being detailed as a ‘ Free $100 McDonalds Voucher’.

This is the first part of a double Facebook Event scam. Scammers didn’t place the other event’s link on the page. Instead they use a link to an external website that they control. As that website only performs a re-direct, it can easily be modified to direct to a new Event once the current one is taken down. This second Event contains more information about the procedure you will need to follow to get the freebie.

You will notice that the steps are straight forward. You need to join the scam and then invite some friends which will determine the value of the voucher. Not everybody has 500 Facebook friends, but it is easy to see why this scam has spread this quickly, as users that don’t realize that this is a scam will most likely invite all their friends.

As a final step you are instructed to access a website to claim the voucher. Unfortunately, the website is unavailable at this moment, but it is not that hard to guess what you should find there. Best case scenario it is just a scam survey, like with most Facebook scams. Worst case, an infected file just like in the Coca Coal scam for yesterday.

Both Events contained links to their ‘creator’. In this case it is a Facebook Page and this allowed me to see a list of scammy Events of that Page, which you can see below.

There are 13 identical Events with almost 300k users attending, maybe attending, or just invited. I can not say that those are unique users for each Event, but it is still an impressive average of 23k users per event. And this is just the first Event of the scam. The second Event is created by a different Facebook Page, which also has 13 Events to its name with an average of 7k users per event. As time passes and Facebook does not step up, the number of users will definitely increase.

It seems that scammers believe they have hit a soft spot in Facebook’ security measures with this kind of scams, otherwise why rolling out two similar scams in two days? Although scams based on Facebook Events are not a new thing, there is usually some time between them. Yesterday I wrote a blog post about a ‘Coca Cola Giveaway ( 24 Pack Limited Offer )’ scam (you can read it here). Today it is time for McDonalds to be the illegal used brand by scammers. I do not know which will be the next brand, but you should be very suspicious if invited to an Event that promises anything free.

For users that have accessed this scam you can read my new blog entry on How to deal with a scammy Facebook Event

Stay socially safe and do not forget to visit our Facebook page available here or our Twitter account here (@scamwiki).


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8 responses to “McDonalds Free Vouchers ( Limited Offer ) – Facebook Scam”

  1. Kimie says :

    I did not except the event for McDonalds but it somehow attached to my calendar. I can not seem to delete it. Any suggestions?

    • Shawnna Stump says :

      it attached to my calendar too…i cant delete it either… so any help on how would be helpful:)

  2. linkbuilding says :

    Great blog here! Additionally your web site rather a lot up very fast! What host are you the use of? Can I am getting your associate link in your host? I desire my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  3. Angela R (@getterdonegurus) says :

    They are now using a URL like to hide the URL I also wanted to say thanks for this post as these scams are getting very annoying LOL I’m shocked at how many people fall for it. I shared this post in hope people will see it & stop inviting me to scam events

  4. warerabbit says :

    McShit is just that …… stupid corperate bullshit
    bet they did it on purpose greedy mcmuthafukkas

  5. Malcolm Dixon says :

    I got sucked in – TWICE!!! And I invited ALL my friends – TWICE!!! DAMN!!!

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